Dr Martens Force ST Boots as Riding Boots

These cool looking Dr Martens Forge ST boots are made from water resistant leather, with puncture resistant soles, a steel toecap and breathable linings too. Which makes them a lot more suitable for riding a motorcycle, fixing a motorcycle dropping things on your toes in the workshop than your normal shoes.

We'll be doing a proper review in a few months when we've had time to use and abuse the Dr Martens Forge ST boots, but first impressions are as follows. Dr Martens Forge ST boots are tough as new boots. It needed two weeks at half an hour a day walking around to break them in but though all the monsoon rains they've been completely waterproof.
The Dr Martens Forge ST boots feel great on the motorcycle and the leather hasn't been worn by gear changing. While there's no armor other than the steel toecap to offer crash protection, the leather is thick and they don't make you look like a low-grade actor in a cheap SCIFI movie either.

The Dr Martens Forge ST boots are available in black, dark brown or tan, which is an abbreviation of the official arty color schemes, expect to pay around 3,600 THB.
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