Don't Let a Flat Tire Get You Down

If you ride a motorcycle sooner or later you will encounter a tire puncture. For myself it was a typical scenario, stuck on a rural road between a few town north of Bangkok with a rear tire so flat the rim of the wheel was at ground level. Feeling like the day was written off and a lengthy delay inevitable, I organized a recovery back to Bangkok and called the person I was going to meet.

Luckily there is a solution that can help in this situation and get you back on the road – the roadside puncture repair kit. It must be stressed that although these kits are not officially endorsed by most tire manufacturers, many tire manufacturers admit they can work in an emergency.
When using a kit like the ones we describe it is essential you adhere to the instructions, specifically those covering the maximum allowable size of the repair and the recommended speeds you should stick to after the fix. Equally important is to make sure you get your temporary repair looked at be your motorcycle dealer or tire specialist as soon as possible.

A subsequent permanent repair is feasible but has to follow strict repair guidelines which restrict the repair's location and size. The tire manufacturers themselves all differ slightly on what they consider acceptable in terms of repair, but all agree that at no time is the fitting of an inner tube in a tubeless tire an acceptable puncture repair.
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