Do You Have Your Waterproof Riding Kit?

The raining season has a slow start this year, but the Thai Meteorological Department still predicts winds, scattered rain and thundershowers on a daily basis. Therefore the odds are it'll get more wet and windy over the coming months, so it's certainly time to think about some better protection for those wet and windy rides home.

So what we need is a wet weather kit to help you sail through the wet season with less fear of losing your sight, getting moister in your helmet, or having a permanently wet underwear.
Oversuits are a brilliant, and relatively cheap, solution to the end of the monsoon squalls and those horrible humid deluges, when you don't want to be in full water and windproof body oversuit, but don't want to be wet to the bones either. Alternatively, the textile industry has exploded in recent years with a host of stylish and versatile jacket and pant combos which can be worn at any moment the sky turns gray, and won't take much space to carry around.

There is nothing worse that waterproof kit that actually isn't – so make sure you buy wisely, and make sure that they fit perfectly – don't buy until you've tried them out.
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