Developments at Lifan International

Lifan Motorcycles have been hard at work behind the scenes to bring an aftermarket Lifan LF400 exhaust line to the market. The first development is coming to a head and Lifan wanted to take the time to share its progress.

Lifan has many other developments that will be taking place over the next few days that they will keep everyone up to date on such as Fork Braces and billet swing arm caps.

On another note Lifan are tying up all lose ends on the Lifan LF400 and will be ready to sale on the American market shortly. Testing the Lifan LF400 here at the warehouse has been a blast and will be a great bike for the market. It's currently unknown if Lifan is going to introduce the 400cc Lifan LF400 on the Thai market.
The Lifan LF250GY-7 enduro is also in EPA testing and should be approved within the next 90 days. Several international dealers have also been testing the Lifan LF250GY-7 and are very impressed with the performance of this machine as well.

Once again, over the next few weeks there will be several updates with upcoming product information. So please stay tuned until after these messages...

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