Dainese Torque In Boots Foot and Ankle Protection

The Dainese Torque In boots, modern roadracing boots are highly specialized, but some models with their many fancy bells and whistles take longer getting into than the rest of your riding gear combined.

Not so Dainese's Torque In boots. These sleekly styled, Romanian-made numbers go on and off in seconds yet have the Italian company's torsion-reducing, full-wrap, D-Axial system, which offers comparable ankle protection to that of other high-end boots. A single, full-length, rear-entry zipper provides closure. There are no buckles, straps, tabs or other types of fasteners to adjust or slow the process.

About that funny name: 'In' refers to the patented design that lets the boots be worn inside the legs of the Italian company's 'professional' leather suit. Hook-and-loop swatches stitched to the shins of the boots and inside the legs bond boots to leathers securely. Despite drawing criticism from appearance-driven traditionalists, this is a good system that works flawlessly.

Sturdy D-Stone fabric is used near the tops of the boots, and the synthetic-leather Lorica construction holds up well and cleans easily. On the downside, the low-profile rubber soles are not replaceable, and the small Allen-head screws that secure the stainless-steel toe sliders are not deeply set.

Hey, if the Dainese Torque In boots are good enough for Valentino Rossi what I'm going to say...

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Saturday, 24 July 2010 @ 10:56 PM ICT
Said this before, but if Motorcycle Thailand is going to promote a product then why not give us an indication (at least) of the price of the product?