The Danger of Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Parts

The worlds motorcycle industry has been producing carbon motorcycle parts for years. Carbon fiber products are known for there strength and durability, and carbon-fiber products are rigorously tested and proven in the most brutal motorcycle race conditions. From the MotoGP and World Super Bike championships to the dirt of many worldwide motocross races carbon products have been successfully used in a variety of racing arenas.

Carbon fiber products have proven its performance without a doubt. However, carbon fiber has unique qualities. Unlike steel or aluminum parts carbon fiber parts that have been damaged usually do not bend, bulge or deform; they break. A damaged carbon part may appear normal at a quick glance, but could suddenly fail without warning. Carbon fiber motorcycle front suspension forks, wheels, or carbon fiber handlebars and other critical carbon fiber parts which if fail can generate serious dangerous situations.

We at Motorcycle Thailand want you to be safe. No matter what brand or style of motorcycle you ride, if you have crashed or impacted your motorcycle, take your motorcycle to your dealer, or take some time for a serious inspection.

If you suspect any of the carbon fiber parts to be damaged, stop riding your motorcycle immediately and replace the damaged carbon fiber parts.

For self-inspection we have created some tips:

Clean your carbon fiber motorcycle parts with cotton-wool, and do not press it to hard on the surface, pay attention to cotton fibers getting snagged. Also inspect the part with a strong beam of light and look for any gouges, deep scratches, cracks, loose fibers or surface flaws. Damaged carbon fiber can fail suddenly, causing serious injury or death. Carbon fiber can conceal damage from an impact or crash. If you suspect some motorcycle parts been impacted or crashed, immediately stop riding. Nothing is more stupid then an accident which could be avoided by a simple check-up.
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