Dainese Motorcycle Suits the Industry Leader

Despite what they might say Dainese, above all else, know the power of marketing. 'We feel closer to medicine than to fashion,' says the company's founder, Lino Dainese. But there's no doubt that Dainese motorcycle suits have consistently led motorcycle fashion for the last three decades.

Getting your motorcycle suit on the back of the latest, greatest, bravest and brightest young riders, whether it be Sheene, Schwantz, Biaggi, or Valentino Rossi, is what makes Dainese the global success it is today.

The Dainese, an Italian company founded in 1972, spends a good amount of money on research for back protectors, armor, materials and fabrics, and even the cut of the leather because it is all so important. It's therefore bit strange that people select motorcycle suits on how it looks.
You like the look of the suit, you see it on your favorite MotoGP, or WSB rider watching the TV in the weekend and the link is made that it's a quality product. And Dainese have been very clever in making the most of it. The purely aesthetic and nostalgic appeal of historical motorcycle suits proves it.

Now-a-days Dainese offers both a 'off the shelf' and 'made to measure' motorcycle suits, therefore opening the brand to variety of types and price levels; it is generally regarded to be a premium quality motorcycle suit, with many of its 'leathers' being handmade and employing exotic materials, such as carbon fiber and titanium.
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