DEI EXO Series Exhaust Pipe Wrap makes Exhaust Look and Feel Cool

Exhaust systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with beautiful heat shields, and others look very basic and uninspiring. Some exhaust systems offer maximum performance right out of the box, while other look good but don’t really do anything.

No matter if you’re looking for freshen up an old set of exhaust pipes or extract maximum performance out of some new ones, exhaust wrap can be a great option. We have an old set of pipes that could use some new life before being mounted up, so we decided to order the latest and greatest in exhaust wrap technology with Design Engineering’s DEI EXO black exhaust wrap.

DEI’s new EXO series exhaust wrap differs fro traditional exhaust wrap tanks to its 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton is perfect for vehicles with exterior exhaust pipes, like motorcycles, because it provides a high level of abrasion and impact protection to the inner material in addition to the usual heat protection qualities.

The DEI EXO series exhaust wrap actually provides additional cooling properties due to its Air Gap Technology insulating air barrier.

DEI’s EXO series exhaust wrap is also available in tan color, and in 25cm, 51cm, and 76cm rolls and comes with four metal locking ties and a locking tie tool. Design Engineering is an American company with two dealers in Thailand, which strangely both are located in the Ladphrao district of Bangkok. The dealers are Tech Design and Perfect Power Co. Ltd.

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