Creating Motorcycle Awareness

Sometimes I ride like a fool. I do it on purpose. I know I'm riding like a bitch – usual during my daily commute – and I don't care. I just laugh and carry on. Before I go on any further I should define 'bitch'. I ride to annoy cars basically. I ride to make sure that cars know I'm on the road with them and I make sure that they know how much 'better' a motorcycle is than the proxy metal box they're sat in is.

I hope – perhaps misguidedly – that they'll realize that being sat in a car is an epic queue of rush hour, traffic is dumb. I ride to make them jump, I ride to get them to think 'Jesus! Where did he come from ?!' Obviously I take greater delight in 'buzzing' drivers using their mobile phones, since it seems to increase the surprise factor. Anyone tried just staring at a driver stuck in a queue of traffic while they're on the phone? That's a laugh as well – and iridium visor for that 'Robocop look increasingly uneasy.
Now, from the car driver's point of view, I'm sure they think that I'm riding like a fool and an arsehole, but believe me when I tell you that in traffic, there are few riders more cautious than me. And, yes, there's a risk that they think 'motorcyclists' are idiots, but I'd hope that's outweighed by the possibility that they'll look out for us more – precisely because we are 'idiots'. Or maybe they're scared we'll crash into them and scratch their precious cars. As long as they look out for us on the roads, I don't really care. Which probably does confirm my psychopathic tendencies....
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Friday, 03 September 2010 @ 06:17 PM ICT
Errr .. How old are you?

Anonymous User

Monday, 10 January 2011 @ 01:51 AM ICT
Thailand is one of the few places in the world where car drivers are very considerate of motorcyclists. The reason for this is simple; most Thais experience roads on a motorbike before they drive a car, and even when they get a car, they either still use a motorbike, or one is used in their family by other family members. Its a hot country and no one walks anywhere (unless they are in an aircon mall), so local errands are done on a bike, even if one has a car. Thus I think you thinking is a bit flawed; you probably need to be more open minded?