Crash Protection and Renthal Grips

This month sees a couple of minor but effective mods for my Suzuki GSX-R600. The Gixer already wears R&G frame crash protection so I've added more of our favorite name in damage prevention to the fork bottoms and bar-ends.

The other modification was replacing the OE grip with some Renthal race jobbies. I've gone for the soft compound for maximum tacky grip. Thinner rubber will increase feel through the handlebars too.

They also look better, simply because they're the same as on BSB bikes.
They were simple to fit using a squirt of hairspray to slide them on and then lockwire at each end to hold them securely in place.

In order to fit them neatly though, I trimmed the flange off the throttle tube that retains the standard grip, allowing the Renthal to fit perfect against the tube stop. If you might want to return to OE grips, you could cut the end off the race grip instead though it certainly won't look as good.

Be careful how you do this though as the blade blunts easily. A slip may result in damaging the throttle tube or loosing a finger and we wouldn't want that.

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