The Continental ContiSport Attack 2 Sportsbike Tire

If you seriously compare motorcycle tires today you will first find how close modern tires from the top manufacturers are in terms of performance. We looked at the Continental ContiSport Attack 2, a sportsbike tires which is standard fitted on the BMW S1000RR – and the German company did not for nothing selected this tire.

First Continental motorcycle tires are for a few months available in Thailand. Therefore, we had the idea that it was the right time to compare the Continental ContiSport Attack 2 tire with the Pirelli Diablo Corsa III sportsbike tires and we have to say we are impressed.

First we compared the Continental ContiSport Attack 2 with Pirelli Diablo Corsa III and we had a hard time to select which tire was the better one, but if we're splitting hairs, what was could find was that the Pirelli was only slightly better in terms of laptimes, the ContiSport Attack 2 was only a few second slower that the Pirelli. The Continental ContiSport Attack 2 provided higher stability and feedback when braking into and accelerating out of curves...
Continental has a special patented steel-belted construction for the front and rear tire which guarantees excellent stability and feedback at high speeds. The special Continuous Compound Technology used for the ContiSport Attack 2 ensures that the tire lasts longer than most of its competitors, and all without sacrificing any grip while lean deep into a corner.

The Continental ContiSport Attack 2 has the unique Traction Skin, which provides an extremely safe and short tire break-in. Continental claims that this is possible due to the revolutionary raw tread surface, which is the result of a new mold coating technology which eliminates the need for tire-release agents...

We paid for a set of Continental ContiSport Attack 2 front 120/70 ZR17 and rear a 190/55 ZR17 in total 15,000 THB (this was including replacing the tires and balancing the wheels).
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