Considering Adjusting your Motorcycle Suspension

Firstly, devour many articles on the subject of motorcycle suspension and scour online forums. You'll read of static sag, unsprung weight, rebound damping and preload. Eager to get fiddling, you'll convince yourself you understand it all.

You will need few and simple tools, which naturally equates to a job easily done. You have decided on more front-end compression damping and begin to turn things with a screwdriver. A little at a time, yes, that's what people say. But you should have set off ten minutes ago to fetch family dinner, so you adjust by considerable amounts. This will save time.

The ride to the food place and back will have been rather unnerving and many more such rides will follow over the next week. After two weeks you will realize that you are embroiled in a puzzle of brain-numbing complexity. At this stage it is best to avoid group rides with friends, because your confidence will have been shattered by riding what has essentially become a heavily out-of-balance motorcycle, with a suspension feeling if the tires are soft.
Now take all settings back to factory standard. It is normal at this point to find even this task impossibly confusing and doubt will set in as to what is being clicked on and what off. It is now natural to decide to measure static sag alone, inevitably leading to you being rescued from beneath the motorcycle by your spouse, girlfriend or children.

After several more days of adjustment you will have returned all to factory settings and notice a marked improvement. You did a great job in adjusting your suspension as an amateur.
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