Changing the Rear Sprocket, Two Teeth Up

If you want to make your bike more responsive by going up two teeth on the rear sprocket. Being told that the adjusters will move enough to give you the slack th the chain, but you still worried that shortening the wheelbase in this way may disrupt the handling.

The truth, by adding two teeth to the rear sprocket you're making it easier for the engine to accelerate the bike. Positive when driving in Bangkok, where every traffic light looks like the start of a motorcycle race. This alone will change your perception of the bike's handling as it's going to spend more of its time on the back wheel.

This is compounded by the fact the wheelbase is shortened, which means the bike will naturally be more wheelie prone.And there will also be some subtle changes to the squat geometry in the rear end, in theory it should feel a little firmer. But you won't notice that, especially on the road.

In cornering terms, reducing the wheelbase means the bike should be capable of going around tighter corners more easily. It also means there's more weight on the rear wheel, so there's less chance of spinning it up. But again, this might be worth the little power gain you get, so it's arguable if you'll notice it. If you do notice these things, stick another link in the chain and keep the wheel where it is.
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Monday, 25 August 2008 @ 03:59 PM ICT
i want to upgrade my CBR 150 rear spocket ,where can i buy it. I m from malaysia it dificult to find CBR 150 accessories here, can any one help me.


Saturday, 06 September 2008 @ 06:16 AM ICT