Carbon Helmets More Comming

Carbon helmets have been a long time coming. The material caused big waves 20 years ago. First it was the odd end-can, but now-a-days we can pretty much make an entire superbike look as though fashioned from a big block of the stuff.

Like wheels, it's taken longer for carbon to be put to helmet use, and for the manufacturing process to become sophisticated enough to provide protection through design. And of course, pass the official standards to quality for retail. The use of carbon fiber is still nothing of a standard for all helmet manufactures, exactly how, where and when they use carbon fiber is as varied as their standard products can be. Some helmet manufacturers prefer an inner mix of carbon-Kevlar with a shiny outer of pure carbon fiber, some make the entire construction from carbon.

With carbon being so popular it is remarkable that only Arai, of the big helmet manufacturers, has introduced carbon helmets.
The Arai RX-7 a helmet which Arai don't currently produce in large quantities, due to the hardcore manufacturing process involved. Which is probably the most expensive head protection made by men, the Arai RX-7 costs 598,000 Baht (13,000 Euro). For this price you get a helmet which is put together in two days by hand and the shell of the helmet is made from 13 layers of the highest quality carbon possible.

Cheaper carbon helmets are available from manufacturers as BMW with the BMW Sportintergral Carbon , Harley Davidson FXRG Carbon, Schuberth S1 Carbon, Marushin RS1 Carbon, HJC HQ-X Moto X Carbon, Premier Carbon and a few more.

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