The Can-Am Spyder Roadster, Next Dimension of Riding

The Can-Am Spyder Roadster, at the 2nd Bangkok Motorbike Festival we where introduced to Can-Am's innovative three-wheeled Spyder. Can-Am reckons that the Spyder can be described as part motorcycle, part convertible sports car. It offers all of the open-air benefits of a motorcycle and many of the peace-of-mind features of a car, something not traditionally found in open-road riding.

In other words, it looks as sporty as a motorcycle but it won't fall over. It won't, either, it has all sorts of electronics to prevent that.

Working on the concept of an on-road vehicle for more than five-years, Can-Am wanted to stay strong to its core values and innovative spirit by designing a paradigm-shifting vehicle, according to Can-Am. It certainly seems to have done that and my initial concerns that the Can-Am Spyder might be just too different to be easily accepted were defused by the way people reacted to it at the 2nd Bangkok Motorbike Festival at downtown CentralWorld. Most of the Can-Am Spiders where sold before we could even ask for a test ride.

BRP, the parent company of Can-Am, employs more than 6,500 people and manufactures on four continents. It has more than 5,000 dealers in more than 80 countries and produces other then the Can-Am Spyder mainly snowmobiles, and sporty watercraft's.
The Can-Am Spyder Roadstar is an impressive piece of work even if you haven't ridden it. It has state-of-the-art power and technology, including a Rotax 998cc V-Twin engine with dual-overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder. This same 106-horsepower engine is found in a number of top-selling motorcycles. It comes with the choice of two transmission options, a sequential manual five-speed and sequential electronic five-speed transmission, both of which include a transmission-base reverse.

Other modern gadgets are dynamic power steering, and a vehicle stability system engineered in conjunction with Bosch, which features ABS brakes, traction control and the stability control. You may think all this electronics take some of the fun out of riding a Can-Am Spyder, but there is no doubting their effectiveness as safety features and their technical excellence.

The Can-Am Spyder Roadster is the next dimension in open-road riding. A true paradigm shift, the Can-Am Spyder Roadster offers a balance of performance and peace of mind.
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