The Cagiva Mito SP 525, Clean Powerful Two-Stroke

Just when everybody had the idea that two-strokes would never pass modern exhaust emission standard Cagiva introduced the Mito SP 525. With the Cagiva Mito SP 525, Cagiva has managed to produce a 125cc two-stroke that meets the Euro III environment exhaust emission standard and that's no mean achievement.

The integrated ECS (Electronic Carburetion System) administers exactly the right amount of air, petrol and two-stroke oil mix and was developed in collaboration with Dell'Orto. The electronic control unit also governs the ignition system, the system works similar to how a fuel-injection with ECU system works on a four-stroke engine.
The Cagiva ECS maintains the advantages that two-stroke engines can offer: lightness, extreme performance, simple maintenance and low running costs.

The Cagiva Mito SP 525 is 'conservative' both in principle and design. It offers the sheer pleasure of riding a powerful two-stroke, of hearing it scream through the gears. The Cagiva is engine offers the rider 24 real horsepower in the rear wheel, while the machine with aluminum double extruded beam frame weighs less then 130 kilogram. We are sad to say that the Cagiva Mito SP 525 will likely not find its way on the Thai market. Still the achievement of creating a two-stroke that will pass Thai emission rules is worth mentioning.
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