The CV4 Fuel Kool Gas Tank Barrier, Fuel Cool in Hot Conditions

One of my American friends, who was not so long ago in Thailand, was a bit shocked from how warm the fuel-tank of my Honda CRF450X becomes after a bit fooling around in the sun. With a heavy American accent he said 'Boiling is pasta not for gasoline' and knowing he was right we moved our motorcycles to a place in the shadow.

Not so long ago I receive an email that he will send me something I would like. So I received a CV4 Fuel Kool. With the message 'Think of it as a space blanket for your fuel tank.'

In the real motocross world, the late Drew Lien of 100% Products gets the credit for discovering that space-age reflective foil could be used on a motocross race bike. Drew's idea was to apply the reflective foil to the inside of your bike's side panel so that your muffler wouldn't melt a hole in the plastic. This was, believe it or not, a major problem with motocross motorcycles in the 1980s. Drew used the aerospace foil to deflect heat.

Now, 30-years later, heat is still a problem, and motocrossers and enduro riders are still using Drew's solution. The difference is that the reflective foil is being used on the underside of a four-stroke's fuel tank. A four-stroke engine produces so much heat that the fuel loses its combustibility, vapor-locks the fuel lines, or boils inside the float bowl.

First I was skeptic, but on a lazy sunday afternoon I had no excuse to install the CV4 Fuel Kool gas tank barrier, and amazingly, it works...

CV4 has come up with an aerospace solution (with a nod to Drew Lien). CV4's Fuel Kool Gas Tank Barrier is basically Drew Lien's old idea moved over to the petrol tank. The heat reflecting material is pre-shaped blanked, more like a bag (much like the protective helmet covers, or bird cage covers). It fits perfectly onver the bottom of the petrol tank and is held in place by Velcro strips that are stuck to the tank.

The CV4 Fuel Kool Gas Tank Barrier works well, and complete no hassle. Not only is the design easy to mount, but it is also washable in the wife's washing-machine.

Some tips: First, clean the petrol tank thoroughly, otherwise the Velcro strips won't stick. I used some Kitchen Magiclean kitchen and stove cleaner, which I believe we bought a BigC. Second, stretch the CV4 Fuel Kool over the fuel tank very tightly, since it will get looser over time.

I believe most riders will not need the CV4 Fuel Kool Gas Tank Barrier, but as I sometimes ride for hours and the average temperature in Thailand is higher than elsewhere I see not harm in using it. On CV4's website the Fuel Kool Gas Tank Barrier is offered for US$ 81.63 (without shipping).Tag: Fuel-Kool CV4 Tank-Barrier Honda CRF450X Enduro Hot-Weather Motocross Off-Road Cooling 450cc
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