Buying Secondhand a Suzuki RF900

The Suzuki RF900 is another variation on Suzuki's old oil-cooled GSX-R engine; in basic chassis clad in fancy bodywork with Ferrari-style louvres and a Star Wars style rear light. Originally touted as a budget Honda Fireblade alternative, but the cheap suspension and brakes let it down - although in 1994 it was the cheapest way of hitting 270km/h.

The Suzuki RF900 is powered by a 937cc, four cylinders, in-line, oil-cooled engine, capable of producing 125 horsepower.

Everything is low spec, but the engine's reliable, and brakes and rear suspension can be improved for not too much.

The alternator bushes wear, which can make it rattle like hell. Replace, or they'll dump you, spark-less, by the roadside. Check for accident damage under the plastic fairing.
Those plastic louvres can rattle their way to freedom, especially if the mounting lugs have been damaged. Add a small cable tie. If you plan on touring, see about a replacement seat or even a re-upholster. In Bangkok you can find enough shops that can rework the seat for little money.

The colored seats get grubby, but come back with elbow grease. Some people find the riding position hard on the wrists: bar riser's help. As extra tip the GSX-R1100 six-pot calipers bolt straight on.

If I'm correct I belief that Suzuki made the Suzuki RF900 from 1994 until 2000.
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