Buying Motorcycle Helmet - Do It Correct

Buying a motorcycle helmet is easy. Getting a motorcycle helmet that suits your needs and fits you correctly isn't. Time and time again we see people with motorcycle helmets that might cost a lot, but don't fit their heads properly. It's one of the easiest mistakes to make, so we've put together these top five tips on choosing a motorcycle helmet in the correct way.

Motorcycle Helmet Budget

Honestly, it's an old cliché but it's also the most true. If you've got a 1,500 THB head then get a 1,500 THB helmet. Whatever your budget for a motorcycle helmet is, but one that's in the next price bracket up. With helmet technology and what you trust it to do in a fall, you can't cut corners or skimp and save.

Motorcycle Helmet Type

Would a track-inspired and developed full-face helmet with a light weight construction be right for how you ride? Maybe not, so how about a flip-face motorcycle helmet with built-in sun visor? Or an open face helmet with a smart peak and Bluetooth technology? Work out what you need your helmet to do other that keep your head in one piece during a crash.

Motorcycle Helmet Selection

The rule of this is easy. Take your time. Fit is far more important than anything else with a helmet. So put aside hours to do it right. And go to a store with the widest selection possible. Try on every kind of helmet in you size range and don't worry about anything else. No decent motorcycle shop will mind, in fact they will help you to get it right.

Motorcycle Helmet Fit

Put the helmet on and adjust the strap so it's correct for you, it shouldn't pull under your jaw but should be snug and secure. Do the strap up and check that the helmet presses on the front and back of the head with equal pressure and no pain. There should be no slack points in the helmet's fit anywhere around the skull. With the helmet strap done up, try and lift the helmet off your head, it shouldn't be able to move. Initially the helmet might feel extra snug but be aware that the insides do give slightly around your head in time so bear that in mind when sorting out the fit.

Check, Check and Check Again

Just because you're a size L in a Shoei doesn't mean you're a size L in an Arai or Shark. Different motorcycle helmet manufacturers have slightly different shell sizes so try every helmet from every manufacturer, just to be sure.
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Anonymous User

Saturday, 03 December 2011 @ 05:31 PM ICT
Indeed I will never understand people buying a helmet via internet. First you should know what helmet you want and what you want to pay for it. When you find that helmet you should try it. A helmet should not be to loose because at high-speed impact you will lose your helmet. On the other hand a helmet should not be too tight because if could give you a headache. A helmet should not go too deep over your neck, because at a accident you would have more chance of breaking your neck.

And a helmet not only protects you head but also your eyes, use that visor!

Chang Noi