Buying a Battery Charger - What to Look for?

Easy to overlook perhaps but a good battery charger can be worth their weight in gold, or knackered old flat batteries at least.

What can be easier than buying a battery charger, charging up a dead battery and heading off into the sunset of a bright new riding adventure? Well, quite a lot really. A good battery charger isn't just about throwing volts into your motorcycle's battery of charge and forgetting about it, the least versions of battery chargers keep things topped up but do it in a very clever way.

There's reverse polarity protection, pulse cycles and even automatic monitoring of individual battery cells to ensure that the right amount of charge goes where it's needed, when it's needed.

So it's best to keep these key points in mind when buying a battery charger for your motorcycle. You don't want to spend your hard earned money on something that doesn't fit the bill, after all. Especially when good battery chargers can last for years – far outweighing the cost of a continually replacing the battery.

So what do we need to look for when buying a new battery charger for our motorcycle?

Good Indicators
Easy to understand indicator lights are good for telling you the initial state of the battery, the rate of charge and how efficiently power is working its way into the battery's cells.

Good Storage Box
If the battery charger comes with a good storage box, it should get some extra points. A box is handy for keeping all the leads and the charger itself together, especially good if you keep your motorcycle stuff in the family garage. OF course if the battery charger doesn't come with a good storage box it's highly recommended that you buy a dedicated box for your motorcycle battery charger.

Charging Station
Inspect the actual battery charging unit itself. Usually sold as a single charging unit for a single battery at a time but, like some, can also come in two-battery, three-battery or even four-battery options – very handy for keeping a host of motorcycle's batteries in check during the raining season.

Battery Connections Crocodile clips are essential for a quick temporary connection to the battery, clips straight on to the battery terminals, but not much people inspect the quality of the crocodile clips when they buy a battery charger. The battery clips are often also the first part of the battery charger to fail...

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