Buy a Pair of Motorcycle Race Gloves

You've got your motorcycle leather suit, you've got the motorcycle and your motorcycle helmet – what next? Get yourself a pair of motorcycle race gloves...

Complete the look – and stay protected – with a pair of leather race gloves. There's plenty out there to choose from, for a range of budgets and styles. Your natural reaction in a crash will be to stick your hand out, so buy the best leather motorcycle race gloves you can afford so that your hand stands a decent chance of not ending up looking like minced meat.

Two types of exotic leather is used to make motorcycle race gloves:

The leather from the 'Macropus Giganteus' Kangaroo is often used when motorcycle clothing manufacturers are looking for a strong, but light material. When used at the same thickness, it is 4 to 5 times stronger than cowhide – but why is kangaroo leather so strong?
Cows, like humans, sweat through pores in their bodies and as a result there are tiny holes all over the hide. Kangaroos don't, instead they have a single gland at the end of their tails. Bear in mind if you treat yourself to a pair of kangaroo leather motorcycle gloves, they need looking after as they are negatively affected by sweat – particularly in comparison to cowhide.

Stingray leather for motorcycle race gloves. On some motorcycle race gloves, stingray leather is featured on high impact areas. By far, it's one of the most expensive leathers to use, but it's effective. In CE tests – imagine a record deck with the turntable as the asphalt and the stylus holding a sample of the material – it lasted 20,000 revolutions in comparison to kangaroo,which lasted 4,000. So why don't they make suits our of it?

Firstly, because it's mega expensive. Secondly, because it's stiff and doesn't provide enough 'feel' through it like kangaroo or cow-hide and lastly, because it's a strange and scaly – you'd look a bit weird.
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