Buy New Motorcycle Gloves for Thai Weather

It's almost the end of the raining season. Hurrah. Now you want thin motorcycle gloves with plenty of feel. Course you do. But at the beginning of the dry season it often not always dry, and the temperate can drop pretty deep, there's an above average change you're going to hit the odd shower. What if there was such a thing as a light breathable heaviest downpour? Please say it's true.... So for what should we look if we want to buy a new pair of motorcycle gloves?

There are other waterproof membranes but Gore-Tex is the most well known and arguably finest on the market. Successful waterproof motorcycle gloves for tropical countries need to be able to keep water out, yet allow sweet to pass back out in the other direction. This trick is achieved using a microporous membrane with gaps in the membrane that are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules. This allows perspiration to pass through the membrane, while the gaps are still 100 times smaller than the smallest water droplet, preventing them from passing back through the membrane.
Gore-Tex X-Traft is a new, patented construction technique from the company that makes Gore-Tex. The glove's inner liner, Gore-Tex waterproof membrane and protective outer layer are all bonded together. This prevents any movement between the layers and stops the lining separating from the glove as you remove your sweaty hand. It also allows them to be as thin as possible while remaining waterproof. It's a win, win situation, surely?

Finger bridge. Favored by Alpinestars, this is a physical link between the third and fourth fingers. It's designed to stop the little finger being wrenched away from the third in the event of a crash and thus help prevent it from being damaged. Its many fans include sponsored pro racers, while those who simply can't acclimatise to their third and fourth fingers not working independently of each other can carefully snip the link between the two fingers with a well aimed pair of scissors. Looking for a good assortment of motorcycle gloves? Check this out Motorcycle Gloves
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