Buy Good Quality Brake Pads

You would be surprised to know that not everybody buys quality brake pads for their motorcycle, often price is the deciding factor, and a large group of riders buys whatever brake pads are the cheapest.

What most people forget is that brake pad development is very time consuming and costly business therefore we cannot be surprised that the best performing brake pads are unlikely to be the cheapest. The top brake pad manufacturers will also offer different brake pad compounds to suit different riding conditions.

The average John Doe or Jane Doe riding home from shopping has different requirements to Valentino Rossi the MotoGP racing pilot, and the brake pads need to be suited to the situation.
For an average liter sportsbike I would recommend the MF compound for normal street use and the MRR compound for fast road or track day use. Different brake pad manufacturers can use different letters and numbers to specify different brake pad compounds.

Both these compounds are a sintered material which should result in less brake dust but you will always get some dust as a normal result of brake use. Clean your brakes regularly to avoid problems.
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