Brakes on the Old Suzuki Hayabusa

It's sad, but true, fact that some motorcycles, albeit not many, are made with crappy brakes. And if your motorcycle is more than a few years old, the chances of a marginal stock setup increase. The old Suzuki Hayabusa is a case in point – it's extraordinarily fast, long and heavy, and the stock six calipers can't really cope.

With these motorcycles, fitting braided brake hoses, more aggressive brake pads and even new discs may not make enough difference. In which case, the only answer is to buy new calipers and, ultimately, a new master cylinder and lever unit. The output force of braking system depends on the relationship between the input force at the lever, the area of the master-cylinder piston and the area of the caliper pistons.
If you only ride on race tracks, then you don't need to make any compromises. You can use a braking system that requires high running temperatures and more regular attention; namely, iron rotors with high-performance calipers, using organic or ceramic pads.

MotoGP riders go one step further and use carbon discs which provide incredible braking power – but require very high operating temperatures. A racing system has far fewer in-built concessions; the piratical needs of road riding, such as dirt contamination and insufficient heat, can be discounted.

P.S. The brakes on the Suzuki Hayabusa which where sold by Suzuki Thailand are fine.
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