Bike groups agree to keep quiet in Khao Yai park

Riders of large motorcycles in Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday vowed to refrain from riding in groups through Khao Yai National Park and to keep below the speed limit of 60km/h in order to avoid creating noise that disturbs wild elephants.

This follows an incident on Oct 18 in which four men were seen riding their bikes quickly along Prachin Buri-Khaoyai Road, making a lot of noise. The noise upset a herd of wild elephants which later gave vent to their frustration at being disturbed on a man who was following the group on a smaller and quieter motorcycle.

At a meeting last week, park officials stressed big bike riders, who number about 500 in Nakhon Ratchasima, must strictly comply with the park’s road regulations or face a permanent entry ban. The The park bars all motorists from driving at more than 60 km/h, while vehicle engine noise must not go above 95 decibels at any time while passing through the park area.
Jeerawat Kasemsuabsirikul, 26, president of Mehay Superbike, a group of 150 local big bike riders, said the members agreed to travel along Khao Yai roads separately and at wider distances from one another instead of in a group to avoid creating excessive noise.

He acknowledged that when riders of large motorcycles travel in a group, the engines create a loud noise and that can disturb the animals in the park.

He said most local big bike enthusiasts are nature lovers and are willing to cooperate with park authorities. There are about 20 groups of big bike riders in the Northeastern province.

Six of the largest groups, including Mr Jeerawat’s, are based in the city and the members often organise trips to Khao Yai National Park and Thap Lan National Park on weekends or major holidays.Tag: Khao Yai National Park Noise Exhaust-System Events
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