The Benelli TNT899 - Original Naked Italian

Did you know the Benelli TNT899 sports a design that's more than a decade old? Had we not shared this tiny bit of trivia with you, we're sure you wouldn't be able to tell its age by just looking at it. And look you will – it's a beautiful naked Italian motorcycle – but that's not the only thing that makes the Benelli TNT899 one of the most unique motorcycles we rode.

The more significant elements are the Benelli TNT899's mechanicals. Unlike the design, the TNT899's short-stroke engine isn't that old, neither is the well-balanced chassis, which is something you can tell the moment you take this beast out for a spin. The inline three-cylinder engine, one of the more powerful units we've tested lately, sounds like an angry Italian engaged in debate, and behaves like it's ready to go to war.

It's extremely tractable, and pulls strongly in just about any gear without making a fuss. Highway runs are a treat, and if getting there requires you to navigate through city traffic, the Benelli TNT899 is game for that, too.
Yes, its 205 kilogram mass can be felt while puttering around town, and the wide turning radius can be a bit of a handful when executing U-turns in small streets, but whoever said the Benelli TNT899 was meant to do that? As hard as it may be for some people to digest this, the twisty roads seem like the TNT899's natural habitat. It's immensely composed and it's eager to attack corners. It can do that all day long. Even at higher speeds, it behaves like a well-trained animal; it doesn't throw tantrums, and almost never puts you in a tricky situation.

Plus, the ergonomics are spot-on which works wonders on long rides.

The Benelli TNT899 strikes a balance between looks, power delivery, comfort and rideability. Despite its bulk, and the lack of rider aids, the Benelli TNT899 makes for a fantastic motorcycle for those weekend runs, giving you the raw, unadulterated big bike experience.Tag: Benelli TNT899 899cc Three-Cylinder Naked-Bike Liquid-Cooled
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