Behind Every Great Man is a Great Woman

Throughout the years there have been many people who have influenced and changed racing into the exciting event it is today. The list consists of not only the riders and men involved in MotoGP, but also of exceptional women working behind the riders. Beautiful and skilled, they work with the same brave capacity of men around the paddock even though they are in the minority.

Those women are eager to travel every part of the world, careless of working overtime as long as they can be a part of the whole and earn a place in the team. They are keen to discover different cultures and nationalities, places beyond any imagination they would never have had the chance to visit some day. In this male-dominated field of motorcycles, women gain appreciation and respect by the excellent work they contribute every day.

Women who swop their high-heeled shoes for sneakers, feminine clothing for sporty outfits and at the end of a working day didn't lose their charm and sensuality. You'll see women working in different fields, fields like photography, Events Organization, Media Center, Cook or even Marshals.
Without the sacrifice of every single person in the paddock and behind the scenes, MotoGP would not have the same fondness and intensity. And the most important, what all have in common, is the passion for this extraordinary world!

With this Motorcycle Thailand want to say thanks to all the women in motorcycle racing.
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