Back Protectors for your Protection

Are you still one of those who doesn't believe in back-protectors? In case you change your mind...

Trying to now sound preachy when it comes to protection is tricky. Everyone is different, each to their own, and all that is fine with us. However, it's worth pointing out those motorcyclists in Thailand who used to call us sissies for wearing a back protection have since rescinded their comments after suffering the wrong-end of a motorcycle crash without wearing a back-protector.

We'll never say 'we told you so' because you can do as you please, but we'd seriously suggest investing in a good back protector. If you think they're for those that sit down to pee, fine, but always bear in mind that investing in one could pay very important dividends in the future.

We quit enjoy being able to walk a way after all, for example...
Some back protectors come with chest protection, which is becoming popular, and after you've used it once, it feels weird without one. Everyone should have one for their own safety. Some back protectors are shorter, others allow protection from neck to coccyx. Other back-protectors also offer a kidney belt, which can be helpful for the more adventurous riders.

Up to you which you prefer. But be sure you test your back-protector with your riding gear, also check if it's washable and comfort before you spend your money.
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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 @ 10:21 PM ICT
Protection - that's life!
The minimum set of equipment: 1-good helmet, 2 - Knee, 3 - back protection (armor, turtle), 4 - motorcycle boots.