The BMW S1000RR, with Multiple Personality Disorder

That little button on the right-hand side of the switch block causes the BMW S1000RR's multiple personality disorder. And, O, what do we love that button...

Two pushes of the mode button gives you access to four different engine fuel maps that dramatically alter the BMW S1000RR's behavior, from friendly anyone-can ride scooter-like-motorcycle to a fire-breathing dragon that will hurt you if treated without respect.

You can change into any of these maps when stationary or while on the go. Simply push the button to access the fueling maps when stationary in neutral, scroll through the four options and the BMW ECU will adjust to the desired engine fuel map automatically.

If you're on the go, roll off the throttle and pull in the clutch. Once you've done this you can access the fueling maps, select the one you want, then release the clutch and away you go. When you turn the motorcycle off, it will log what fuel map the machine was in and return to it when you start the BMW S1000RR up for your next ride. The BMW S1000RR fuel map selection is not quite as easy as the Suzuki GSX-R system, but once you've got the hang of it, it's simple to use.

These fuel maps work in perfect harmony with the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and the Race ABS systems. Each map varies the DTC and ABS's impact on the machine, so here's a quick run down of what happens.
In Rain Mode, the system on the S1000RR will allow the rider 38 degree of lean while offering 112kW of power, plus a flatter torque curve. Any more than 38 degree o lean will see the DTC interference at its most, curbing power significantly until lean angle reaches 37 degree or less.

The level of power is defined by the relationship between the fly-by-wire throttle and the rate at which it opens the throttle butterflies on acceleration.

Sport, Race and Slick Mode sees the machine gain the full 142kW of power and 112Nm of torque but again, the amount of uninterrupted forward motion is controlled by the fly-by-wire throttle, the throttle butterflies and predetermined number in the ECU.

As far as lean angles go, Sport will give you degree, Race will let you have 48 degree and Slick will give you 53 degree lean.

Without any doubt the BMW S1000RR is the new leader of the world's meanest, baddest sportsbikes. The BMW S1000RR is so fast, so smooth and so comfortable that you can feel like you're riding a virtual race motorcycle.
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