BMW R1200 S, the German Superbike

BMW R1200S, the powerful boxer powered superbike worthy of the name, is finally coming to a dealer near you. Billed as the strongest boxer-twin yet, the 1170cc machine allegedly makes 122 horsepower at 8250rpm, along with an impressive torque. Most everything from the crankcases outward looks to be newly designed.

Inhaling through enlarged 52mm intake manifolds, combustion chambers set compression at 12.5:1. Warmed-up cams spin in three bearing rather than two, and new 50mm exhaust manifolds are 5mm larger then the BMW R1100S.

Perhaps more importantly, BMW says the new uber-boxer weighs in at 195 kilo dry, that is about 13 kess than an R1100S, and 213 kilo with a full 17 liter of fuel. Not exactly GSX-R territory, but light enough, according to BMW, to sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 3.15 seconds.
The new three-piece chassis carries sportier steering geometry, setting rake at 24 degree and trail at 87mm; that's 1 degree and 13mm less than on the R1100S chassis.

In a significant weight-shaving measure, the R1200S uses an adaption of the F650 single's ABS system. Front and rear brakes aren't linked in the new two-channel system, there's no power assist, and you can switch the ABS off completely for hardcore riding or track days.

But the BMW R1200S won't be cheap. Expect a price in the neighborhood of 960,000 Baht (995,000 Baht special colors and fairing) when the 2008 BMW R1200S arrives at dealerships around Thailand.
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