BMW, Honda and Suzuki Motorcycle Recalls

BMW, Honda and Suzuki are among a raft of motorcycle manufacturers to issue recall notices for a variety of motorcycle models. Problems range from driveshaft lock-up and brake failure to electrical problems which have the potential to stall engines or, in one instance, prevent you from turning the engine off.

Honda has recalled its VFR1200F and VFR1200X to fix driveshaft bearing issues. According to the safety notice issued, 'If left unrepaired, the bearing surface may break up and cause the driveshaft to lock up while riding.' This follows a November 2015 recall of the Honda Goldwing and F6B models for brake issues serious enough to overheat the brakes to the point they could catch fire (no joking).

Suzuki has issues across a range of models relating to the surface of the shim buckets having defective hardening which could result in accelerated wear of the camshaft with serious consequences for the engine. Certain batches of the Suzuki Gladius (SFV650) are affected.
There is also a recall for the latest Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 over issues related to the wiring. In particular, the main connector to the ignition may suffer from exposure to the weather to the point where if it gets too wet it will prevent the engine from being switched off. There are also issues with the routing of the wiring loom under the fuel tank where abrasion can occur.

Meanwhile, BMW has recalled the C600 Sport and C650 GT scooters with concerns over the incorrect positioning of an abrasion protector which can affect the flexibility of the front brake hose leading to the potential loss of brake fluid.

If you think your motorcycle may be subject to a recall, visit or contact your motorcycle dealer and ask for recommended action.Tag: BMW Honda Suzuki Recall VFR1200F VFR1200X SFV650 Gladius DL1000 V-Strom F6B Goldwing Brakes Driveshaft C600 Sport C650 GT
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