The BMW F800R - Great Comfort, Handling and Balance

With the BMW F800R, the German manufacturer seems to have blended stability and steering without compromise, while shockingly maintaining some impressing factors. Being a BMW, the F800R is more stable than most of the 800cc segment motorcycles around; the steering damper virtually redundant; you'll struggle to upset the chassis.

The BMW F800R is not as sharp in the twisters as an Ducati Monster 795, but makes up for it with predictability and assurance. The magic carpet road manner and exquisite balance mean that some Triumphs in the same price class will have the similar level of control.

The BMW F800R is surprisingly adept on the race track. It's far from boring, but the BMW's ABS and race track are not working well together in our opinion. We're sure BMW didn't rate trackdays high while they design the F800R.

Even the soft set-up is hidden well by its balance and poise, with well damped springs. You just don't feel bumps on the BMW F800R. The conventional set-up goes better than any of its cantilever nonsense would.

The 800cc engine, although only a two-cylinder, has a buzzy and snappy characteristic and feels faster than the science says. Yes, the parallel twin sounds like a moist fart and gets a bit vibey as the redine approaches, but it brings involvement and excitement, particularly against other around 800cc motorcycles available in Thailand. The BMW F800R is one of very few that get better the longer you stretch the cable, rewarding you for nearing the limiter. It still has a wide spread of power which makes things easy on the road and a marvel in down town.

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