BMW C650 Sport and C650 GT Get Upgrades for 2016

The BMW C650 Sport and C650 GT maxi-scooters are getting a few upgrades for 2016. The changes are also aimed to separate the C650 Sport and C650 GT more effectively.

The BMW C650 maxi-scooters are now more closely targeted at their sporting and touring aspirations with BMW claiming the changes will help them appeal to a broader audience. Changes include new CVT transmission, new exhaust system, revised suspension and some design tweaks to differentiate the two maxi-scoots from the outgoing models.

The parallel-twin 647cc engine is the same in both models and produces 60 horsepower. The engine has been remapped for both versions and they are now Euro4 compliant. The new exhaust system also sounds better according to BMW.

A BMW spokesperson said: A new CVT transmission set-up in conjunction with new clutch lining enables optimized clutch engagement and a significantly more dynamic set-off response. This was achieved by changing the transmission ratio spread of the CVT as well as by fine-tuning the centrifugal-force-weights.

The suspension construction of the new BMW C650 Sport and C650 GT continues to use a hybrid composite structure consisting of a tubular steel bridge frame and a die-cast aluminum unit.

Both BMW maxi-scooters of the C650 still have ABS braking systems and additionally they now have Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and a new technology called Side View Assist (SVA), which is an option on the BMW C650 GT model and helps when changing lane by monitoring the blind spot for any other vehicles that may be to your side.

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