The BMW C600 Sport and C650GT - BMW Maxi-Scooters

BMW hopes to kink-start the emergent 'Urban Mobility' category with two parallel twin cylinder 650c maxi-scooters. After a false start last year, when BMW encountered some problems and had to propone the launch date.

The BMW C600 Sport and the BMW C650GT are based on the same platform and, despite the model name share the same 647cc engine. The engine is equipped with DOHC 4-valves per cylinder, closed-loop electronic fuel-injection and a catalytic converter. The BMW engine exceeds the worlds toughest exhaust emission regulation. The transmission is by a constant variable transmission (CVT) which delivers seamless, twist-and-go acceleration.

The BMW C600 Sport and BMW C650GT deliver 60 horsepower (44 kW) at 7,500rpm, which should be more than enough grunt to handle city traffic and touring the countryside in the weekend.

The main difference between the C600 Sport and the C650GT is ergonomic. The BMW C600 Sport offers a more aggressive riding position, with a higher, firmer saddle and flatter handlebar – though it's still more upright than even an all-round motorcycle. The BMW C650GT is configured for comford, with a lower, plusher saddle, tailer handlebar and more relaxed floorboard position. The BMW C650GT also features a larger, electronically adjustable windscreen – the BMW C600 Sport's screen can be moved only manual and only in 3 fixed positions.
Both the C600 Sport and C650GT offer amazing storage capacity in the form of the underseat compartment.

Compact and convenient, but with significantly greater performance and style, the C600 Sport and C650GT are already more desirable than any conventional scooter. With automatic transmission and inviting architecture, however, there is also less of the perceived danger that's often attached to motorcycles. BMW hopes this unique combination of attributes will convince more drivers out of cars and onto BMW maxi-scooters. Will this work in car addictive Thailand? Only time will tell.

Look for both BMW maxi-scooters at your local BMW dealer for the price of 495,000 THB for the BMW C600 Sport and 550,000 THB for the BMW C650GT.
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