Audi to Manufacture Motorcycle or Maxi-Scooter

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi's sales and marketing manager, was recently quoted in the press as stating that the German car manufacturer had been toying with the idea of developing a motorcycle for quite some time now.

Speaking at the opening of a new Audi showroom in London Schwarzenbauer said that Ducati would have an important role in 'future mobility solutions'for urban transport, as the car-maker would use the Italian motorcycle manufacturer's experience to assist in the development of an Audi scooter or motorcycle, but he was been to point out that it would not be a 'Ducati wearing an Audi badge'.
Given the rivalry among German car manufacturers and with BMW launching the new BMW C600 scooter and Mini and Daimler's Smart concept, it is likely that Audi's first foray into the motorcycle market would be with a maxi-scooter.

Moreover, now that the VW subsidiary has acquired Ducati, it is also highly possible that they could use the rumoured scooter project Ducati had lined up for their new venture.
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