Audi/Ducati Electric Pushbike

After German car-makers Audi took over Ducati, we expected something sensational from them. Much to our surprise, however, and contrary to our conjecture about a 'diesel L-twin', the news is that the company has built an electric pushbike.

The electric pedal bike (or 'pedelec') has been designed keeping stunts in mind, with a dedicated mode, called the 'Wheelie' mode, in which the power ti the rear wheel is moderated when the front one is in the air. Weighing about 7 kilograms more than a conventional pushbike, this pedelec has a carbon-fiber frame and 26-inch carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic wheels.

The Audi/Ducati electric two-wheeler is powered by a li-ion battery, the range of the pushbike is 50 to 70km and a top speed of 80km/h.
The most interesting feature of the bike is an on-board computer, which wire-lessly communicates with the rider's smart phone apart from keeping a record of the number of stunts the rider has performed and comparing them with others on Facebook.

This interesting piece of machinery will be revealed at a VW/Audi/Ducati expo later this year...Tag: Ducati Audi Pushbike Electric Vehicle EV Electric Bike Lithium-Ion Battery Business
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