My Arai RX-7GP Takahashi Motorcycle Helmet

To be honest, I got the Arai RX-7GP Takahashi helmet more based on its looks than its specifications. I've worn “mostly” Arai's for the past six years and never one have I questioned their performance. Maybe the visor changing system isn't the smoothest of operations, but that aside, Arai motorcycle helmets really are awesome helmets.

I guess the big difference with my using of the Arai RX-7GP Takahashi and my helmets before it is that with the above, most of the time I've worn it for road use, as opposed to track. And it's fair to say it's done me a great service. The Arai RX-7GP is not the quietest of helmets, but it offers a decent level of comfort, great ventilation and a fantastic peripheral view.
In short, the Arai RX-7GP Takahashi is all that you'd ask from a racing helmet, yet it deals with everyday road riding equally well. On occasion, I've found it a doddle to remove, clean and replace the helmet padding, as and when needed.

Consequently, the Arai RX-7GP helmet is still in top condition and probably good for another few years of use and abuse. It may be a little more pricy than the average motorcycle helmet, but it does wonders for peace of mind.
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