The All-New Arai Defiant Streetfighter Helmet

Arai recently released an all-new motorcycle helmet that it claims is designed with the streetfighter market and urban environment in mind. The Arai Defiant is intended for 'riders who demand more style on the outside, but who refuse to compromise in other places to get it,' according to a spokes person from Arai helmet manufacturing.

The Arai Defiant is based heavily around Arai's RX-Q helmet and benefits from an intermediate-oval shape that's intended to work well on the 'average' human head. Facial Contour System cheek pads, which provide more head support, a better fit and increased comfort, are a carry-over feature, but the otherwise-new helmet features an updated cheek pad material; biggest news is that these pads are now wrapped in a Dry-Max and Dry-Cool fabric, which promotes improved performance in adverse conditions. The all-new Dry-Max fabric used with the Arai Defiant, in particular is said to flow more air to the bottom of the helmet at lower speeds.
The Arai Defiant's exterior is inundated with its own surplus of features, including a more aggressively designed chin vent, which directs air-flow toward the helmet's Pinlock SAI Max-Vision faceshield in its first position and flows air toward the rider's mouth when set to its second position. Larger, IC-4 intake vents up top flow air across the temples in an attempt to cool the wearer's temporal arteries, whereas an ACR-4 flow-thru exhaust vent streams air through the helmet when open but also reduces drag when closed.

A front spoiler increases down-forces, reduces buffeting, limits wind noise and is said to be a feature that will appear on other Arai motorcycle helmet models down the line.

Arai's all-new Defiant motorcycle helmet is soon available in five solid colors, six graphic designs in sizes from XXS to XXXL.
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