The Aprilia RSV4 Factory - Awesome V4 Machine

The moment you see the Aprilia RSV4 you can sense the significant levels of effort that have gone into this motorcycle, and the product of what clearly can only come from many men toiling over long periods of design and redesign, testing and retesting is strikingly obvious. A mass-production machine, though clearly very well-engineered feel somehow less finished and, dare I say it, a little sloppy compared to motorcycles like the Aprilia RSV4.

The Aprilia RSV4 design cleverness and dedication has reached the engine too. Immensely powerful, yet very civilized at the same time, taking advantage of its near 180 horsepower peak power output would have you believe. And with the aid of its three handlebar-switchable management maps it can assist your desires all the more. It's both thrilling and usable in almost equal measure.

But though the qualities of chassis and engine immediately make an impression during the early 'get to know the Aprilia RSV4' period, there's also a sense of the full capability of the RSV4 being far away from most riders reach. As the effort you put into it increase the more the opinion of it being both a great motorcycle, but perhaps one that's also a bit too great continues.
By the time I clawed down the side-stand to park the Aprilia RSV4 after the ride of a few kilometers I was full of praise for it, though also aware it was a lot better than me. Few riders will be able to get the absolute best from the Aprilia RSV4 such is its fantastic level of ability. As a result it had both thrilled me, yet strangely left me a little underwhelmed too. As I'd felt more comfortable on it as the kilometers had gone by though, I expected it to feel more accessible and fulfilling after some time.

Helping the Aprilia RSV4 perform as well as it does, the stiff Ohlins suspension, strong Brembo brakes and super-grippy Pirelli tires all live up to their brand reputations brilliantly providing exceptional levels of control to make progress that might feel excessive on some motorcycles seem almost sedate on the Aprilia RSV4. They can be quickly and easily asked to do an awful lot thanks to the power and response of the superbly tractable V4 Aprilia engine, but they never fail in their duties.

It's a pitty that Aprilia has no official representation in Thailand, but we can still buy the Aprilia RSV4 from Redbaron for 790,000 THB (extremely cheap).
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