Alternatives to a Motorcycle's Center Stand

Plenty of people still hanker after a center stand for their motorcycle, even though fewer and fewer motorcycles come with a center stand as standard. By far the easiest option is the other form of 'center stand. In the form of a race stand or also called superbike stand which is very secure. They grip the motorcycle by the rear swing-arm pivot and can be used safely by one person, and mean you don't need two separate front and rear stands. These types of motorcycle stands are easy to use alone, as you get them located with the motorcycle on its side stand, then simply lever the motorcycle. It's as straightforward as that.

Separate front and rear paddock stands could still be an option and might be cheaper than you think. Be wary of the cheapest of all, because they can be flimsy, but you can buy some good quality paddock stands.

Using a paddock stands for your motorcycle need some special skills, the easiest technique is to get someone else to hold the handlebars while you hoist it up on the stand. You can then take as much time as you like to make sure it' s located on the bobbins before concentrating on lifting the motorcycle up. If you're doing it alone, firstly get accustomed to how your motorcycle balances off the stand. Knowing how your motorcycle feels and behaves when you wheel it about by hand is a valuable skill. Don' t be afraid (motorcycles smell fear); it's a matter of confidence.
First, wheel your stand in position, with the motorcycle on the side stand. Then hold the motorcycle upright, off the side stand, with one hand, and support some of the motorcycle weight with your leg. Next, locate the stand on the bobbins with your other hand. Remember, the width of the locaters may need adjusting to fit. This is likely to be the worrying part but, as long as you don' t drive an automatic car, you should be fine at coordinating your hands. Locating the stand will center the motorcycle upright, so be prepared for it to move a touch.

At this point, it should be an easy movement to let go of the motorcycle, as the stand should have taken up the balancing work, DON'T let go until you're certain, though! If the stand doesn't easily take on the weight of the motorcycle, it either isn't located properly or you need to be bolder. Keeping the motorcycle balanced on the stand is a simple matter of pushing down on the stand.
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