Alternative Replacement Fairing for Sportbikes

If you've ever crashed your motorcycle or purchased a damaged motorcycle that 'just needed fairings,' then you've probably already visited your local dealer and price-checked new cowlings. Then shed a tear. Although high in quality, original equipment fairing for a sportbike are very costly. And the same goes for fiberglass race bodywork, which is a bit less expensive but still needs to be pre-mounted, drilled, prepped, and painted.

An affordable alternative to these options is replacements fairings form a company such as Nice Cycle, an aftermarket fairing provider that has aftermarket fairings for almost all sportbikes, and they ship to Thailand.

The ABS plastic cowlings from Nice Cycle go beyond an affordable alternative. They use the same materials and same mounting points as the OEM fairings, plus all of the mounting points are reinforced. An added bonus is that the Nice Cycle bodywork is injection molded (rather than compression molded) for a more consistent fit through a production run.
The fairings can be customized for no extra charge and come with a warranty that covers defects.

Mounting the alternative bodywork is fairly straightforward, and the only real hindrance was areas where the paint was thick enough to interfere with mounting tabs or hardware. As an example, the clear coat surrounding two of the mounting holes needed to be shaved so the bolt could slip through. All of the bolt holes lined up perfectly with the mounting points on the chassis, a likely benefit of the company's injection molds.

There are a few areas where design elements overlap or don't line up perfectly with the design elements on an opposing panel, and here's where OEM fairings really hold an edge over the competition. The colors were a close match, and an added bonus is that the bodywork kit came with nearly every piece of plastic trim you could need, plus a windscreen free of charge. No matter if it's a custom or not, Nice Cycle says it can ship the bodywork to Thailand within two weeks.

While not as faultless as OEM fairings, the Nice Work kit is a great alternative to replacement plastic, especially if you're looking for new fairing for an imported motorcycle which is officially not available in Thailand. Also, if you look for something unique, Nice Cycle is the place to look...
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Flying Squirrel

Thursday, 24 April 2014 @ 10:35 AM ICT
There are locally made fairings for sport bikes so no need to import.
TYGA performance in Sattahip comes to mind.