The Alpinestars S-MX Plus Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

The Alpinestars S-MX Plus Gore-Tex boots are sold as all-year 365 days boots and to be honest, that's not a bad statement. The Alpinestars S-MX Plus Gore-Tex motorcycle boots combine the protection and feel of a race boot with the comfort and weather protection of a Gore-Tex lined touring boot.

Based on the standard Alpinestars S-MX Plug, the boots goot all the ankle, shin and heel protection of a proper race boot and even an internal tongue which laces tight for a snug fit. They're not quite as reassuring as a set of super high-tech boots, but they're easier and quicker to get on – and for everyday use, that counts.

On the average hot Thai day they've proven to be pleasingly breathable and on the cold days, when the mercury drops near zero degree at the north of Thailand in the mountains, the Alpinestars S-MX Plug Gore-Tex are still pretty pleasant to wear. I've been impressed with the water-beating qualities of this motorcycle boots. Despite a long zipper on the outside with plenty of potential for leaks, they've been watertight and have only suffered a very tiny amount of water ingress into one of the boots after standing in a bucket of water.
Oddly, this only happened when the boot was new and for some reason it doesn't leak anymore after I used them for a few weeks. Although stiff at first, once broken in they are very comfortable motorcycle boots.

So far the Alpinestars S-MX Plug Gore-Tex boots have proven to be very capable, useful and versatile and make perfect sense for all-weather sportsbike riders.
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