The Alpinestars Protection Pack - The Perfect Backpack

I never considered backpacks for protection until running across the Alpinestars Protection Pack. An easily removable CE certified back protector slots into an external pocket allowing it to snugly bend around the spine without any discomfort. When buckled, side armor adds additional protection, a feature I discovered first hand after hitting the deck in a slow corner a few weeks back. The Alpinestars Protection Pack took some scuffing but stayed intact.

From a storage standpoint, the Alpinestars Protection Pack also hits the mark. The separate laptop compartment is a good place to store paper items that would otherwise be smashed amongst heavier items like shoes or a tire plug kit in the main compartment.
Of course it's also a good location for a notebook... I've maxed it out to the point it felt like I was lugging around a glacial rock and the hump design still kept a degree of aerodynamics when riding – it's not the most aerodynamic option out there but it performs well at speed.

My one notable complaint is the wide-set shoulder straps. Unless the bag is uncomfortably tightened there have been instances when one of the straps slipped off my shoulder. The Alpinestars Protection Pack has never come off but it could benefit from straps that are placed more vertically on top of the bag. Thousands of traveling kilometers later and this backpack definitely held up. I recommend it for the everyday rider, daily commuters or the weekend rural country explorer who has some free cash to spend.
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