Alpinestars GP-Pro Jacket and Missile Pants

Alpinestars new leather jacket range is the GP-Pro Jacket. It’s made of 1.3mm full grain leather with shoulder and elbow sliders, zipped vents, subtle reflective strips and an aero hump. There are large flexible fabric panels in less vulnerable areas, with cleverly placed stretch panels at the back of the shoulders and elbows. These allow a very snug fit and, even though the arms are too tights for some, my range of movement isn’t affected at all.

Internal armor is removable CE protectors at elbows and shoulders, padded chest and hips and has a set of fasteners allowing you the option of connecting an Alpinestars Nucleon KR-R back protector if you like. Color options aren’t particularly plenty, but as well as this red version, there’s a yellow equivalent and also a very sensible black version.
Alpinestars has no official trouser counterpart to this jacket, but the Alpinestars Missile pants are a close match. Fit is equally good, with Velcro adjusters on the waist to tailor it to perfection. Heavily perforated thighs keep them cool enough on hot days and movement is unrestricted thanks to the big stretch panels on the knees and the large fabric crotch area. There’s a robust zipper around the waist to fasten them to any jacket in the Alpinestars range and they only come in black color.

All in all, there’s nothing really to complain about. The manufacturing quality and range of movement is as good as I could ask for, and they look cool too.Tag: Alpinestars Jacket Pants GP-Pro Missile Armor Gear Leather CE-Protectors Nucleon Back-Protector Safety Motorcycle-Kit
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