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Check out these Alpinestars Durban Boots guys! When a call came through from one of our suppliers asking if we'd like to try out some high-tech Alpinestars Durban motorcycle touring boots, I jumped at the chance. My previous Alpinestars boots has served me incredibly well over the last few years, so the only thing I had to think about was what size and color I wanted.

Size is straightforward, of course, but I thought I'd take a bit of a risk on the color and selected the black/champagne ones. Also they had that color on stock, while the black/grey would take another 14 days. So a pair of size 43 Alpinestars Durban Boots in Black/Champagne color turned up in a few days. Laugh if you want – everybody else in the office has – but, lacking any sense of fashion, right or wrong, I've been trying them out. And they're really good.

Color choice aside, my initial fear was that they'd be a pain to get on and off, but somehow they're not. The three motocross style buckles and Velcro flap take no more time than the zip and Velcro of my old boots. Once on, they feel reassuringly solid without the smothering feel of true off-road footwear. They did take a bit of breaking in, but they've been worth it so far.
The Alpinestars Durban Boots appear to be completely waterproof and much more comfortable than previous boots, which has been a blessing. The Alpinestars boots are also surprisingly easy to use on sportsbikes. You get a little more pressure on your upper shin (because they're taller than the average race boots), but you can easily ride sportsbikes in them and still have reasonable feel for the rear brake. Walking around isn't much of a drama, either, so they're practical too.

So while they're designed more for sports-touring use than racing, they're actually really good boots for people who simply need to ride everyday. I'm sure daily commuters will love them to bits, too, as they're great for riding in tight traffic and they have a reinforced toe-box. Currently Bike Bandit has a special price for the Alpinestars Durban Boots...Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots
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