The Alpinestars Bionic SP Protective Vest

There was a day when people thought wearing back protectors was over the top but, once you wear one, you feel uncomfortable without one – even on a short trip. The Alpinestars Bionic SP protection vest works in the same manner.

One you wear the Alpinestars Bionic SP vest, you feel naked without it. The main USP of the Alpinestar Bionic SP vest is the chest protection, 'chest protection?' I hear you cry. Yes, chest protection. Everywhere else is covered in leather or CE protections, so when you stop and think about it, the chest is vulnerable.

The Alpinestars Bionic SP vest changes this by adding a plastic and foam guard at the chest, making you feel better protected in what is a fairly important area of the body. Thankfully, I don't think bikers suffer from the stupidness syndrome, so you don't go reckless when you've got it on, it's there just in case.
The Alpinestar Bionic SP protection vest is comfortable to wear; Velcro side fitting is easily adjusted, the back protector works well in the mesh by being easier to get on, and it can go on under leathers of a motorcycle jacket. Wear the Alpinestar Bionic SP protection vest under a T-shirt and everyone will think you work out too...
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