All-Year Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires are a very big issue with most sportsbike riders, especially when it comes to riding all year round. The problem is that historically what worked in the middle of the hot season usually struggled when the raining season drop liters of water on us – and we often helpless if rainwater covers the tarmac with a thin but of so dangerous few centimeters of water.

People tried sticking touring tires or even full wets on their sportsbikes to help them upright during the raining season. Sadly, the minute the roads dried we were effectively left with a knobbled sportsbike. However, things have got a lot better in the last few years and there are now a few tires we could recommend for all year round use on a 150 horsepower sportsbike.
Our old favorite, the Michelin 2CT, is still going strong, but new kids Dunlop's Qualifier II and RoadSmart or Metzeler's Sporttec M5 are probably even better when the weather turns wet. So now you know what to fit, make sure you keep an eye on the tire pressures as the ambient temperature changes so that your hot pressures are always hovering around the 34 psi mark. And remember never trust the pressure gauge at the petrol station...
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