Aftermarket Wheels - But which ones are Right?

There's nothing as sweet as a set of aftermarket wheels. But which ones are right for your motorcycle and style? Whether you like to roll them slow or blast flat out, upgrading your wheels can vastly change the look and performance of your machine. Because of the rotating motion of the wheel, reducing the weight has a compounded effect and changes the handling characteristics.

Lighter wheels reduce the unsprung centrifugal forces created and make the motorcycle roll with less effort and turn faster.

For those that are concerned less about weight and more about looks, there are a vast variety of styles – from fatty to fancy there's something for everybody. Wheels used to come in a wide range of materials and techniques, but the industry has moved closer to forged aluminum for the most cost effective and safe upgrades.
There are also magnesium, carbon-fiber and magnesium/fiber hybrids, and while they're extremely light they're also very heavy on the wallet. But they offer the most exclusivity and performance money can buy.

Fast of slow, bling of flat, there is an aftermarket set of wheels for just about any style of motorcycle and application. When you're ready to elevate your status and experience a more enjoyable ride get yourself some new set of wheels – you'll be glad you did.

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