Advanced Fuel-Mapping by Yoshimura EM Pro

There are a couple of different options for adjusting the engine fuel mapping for your motorcycle, the most common being a Dynojet Power Commander. Because some of you already fitted a Yoshimura end-canister, we can understand you would look at the Yoshimura EM Pro to be a better option.

The Yoshimura EM Pro and Dynojet Power Commander are essentially the same thing: each interrupts the ECU connection to your fuel injection and tells it to run different settings, a different fuel map. This lets a dyno operator adjust the fuel map to gain more power.
Fitting end-canisters and the velocity stacks made the Suzuki GSX-R1000 run too rich, which knocks off the power. Adjusting the fuel/air ratio, based on throttle position and revs, optimizes a map for this motorcycle. The Yoshimura EM Pro can run two fuel maps, so if you have a switch on the handlebar you can run a rich map and a full-power map. There's also a built-in quick-shifter facility.

The Yoshimura EM Pro is the most advanced state-of-the-art engine management system available for the newer GSX-Rs, the EM-Pro is standard on the Yoshimura GSX-R1000RR. If you want improved throttle response, smooth dyno curves, and unprecedented performance, the EM Pro is just what you need. Unlike other units, the Yoshimura EM Pro has integrated both fuel and ignition management - each storing up to two completely custom maps. Along with complete engine management control, the GSX-R1000 kit features race-inspired over-rev adjustment, 3-level engine brake adjustment and speed limit adjustment for those coming hot into the pits! The EM Pro has become the pinnacle of complete engine management systems in the past year and hundreds of hours dyno testing and development is what sets this system aside from the rest.
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