A week with an BMW G650 Xmoto

Time to both thanks and sorry to khun Nun: I borrowed her BMW G650 Xmoto for a weekend blast to visit the folks upcountry and ended up holding it hostage for a week. Shame that. On the other hand she doesn't take the Beemer G650 Xmoto for a ride that often this days.

As a result, the BMW Xmoto and I haven't spent a great deal of time together. Don't worry, it hasn't felt neglected, as khun Nun has taken every opportunity to remind me that it's an excellent Supermoto bike. The G650 Xmoto is a bike that you have to pick up by the scruff of the neck and boss about, something she's well used to doing daily, so I guess it comes naturally to the girl.

I'm not such a natural in the saddle, but my confidence has been given a huge boost by the Dunlop's, which are excellent supermoto specific Mutant tires. Yes, I know it's bloody stupid name for a tire, but who cares when you can instantly feel the improvement over the original Pirellis.
They're still furry with the mold nipples, but even barely scrubbed in, I have extra faith that the front isn't going to wash in a bend.

The profile is slightly racier than before, meaning the Xmoto tips into corners more readily. I arrived 20 minutes early for work last Friday and belief me, that never happens.

I'm promised excellent wet weather performance which amazingly for this season, I've yet to have an opportunity to put the test. I certainly have no cause for complains in the morning, the excellent road handling helps me to fly to the office. So, it's a big thumbs up to the Mutants on the BMW G650 Xmoto.
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